Monday, February 28, 2011

little sissy's yellow chair

I roused the girl's a little early this past Saturday so we could check out a little yard sale up the street. They both found treasures...Abbigail nabbed a US wall map for 50 cents. It now resides on the wall over her bed. She informed me that this was the perfect spot so she could pick the place she would dream about each night.

Little sissy fell in love with this yellow boudoir chair for her 'new' bedroom. Abbigail wanted her own room, so she moved next door and now little bit has her own room just like a big girl. After some rearranging, her room was in need of a reading chair and lo and behold, we found this one. I wanted it too, but kept my mouth shut as she negotiated with the seller. We did not get a break on the sticker price, but at $10 it was still a steal. Now her monogram is on it and it's all hers.

Take care, michelle