Wednesday, May 26, 2010

april showers....

April showers this year brought a resurrection of flowers! My husband transplanted many of my mother's hydrangeas from the house where I grew up to our home. When we planted them many months ago, we thought they would not make it. After all, they were literally a bunch of sticks. I did not hold out much hope that these woody stems would turn into anything, but he told me to be patient and see. Well, what I get to see now as I pull into my driveway everyday, are bunches of blooms. These plants are so special to me not just because they were my mothers, but also because the plants originated from my grandmother's and aunt's homes so long ago :-) My husband's hardwork and faith paid off, and I have promised my sister that when the blooming season is over, he will try his hand at transplanting some in her yard! My girls love them too, and I look forward to planting these old girls in their yards one day.

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