Monday, May 24, 2010

what a weekend!

We had such a nice weekend. The little bug's birthday celebration continued with two more parties...she is not a bit spoiled, by the way...and we had a nice time with my sister, although her visit was way too short! Sunday, Abbigail and I had our trunk show and had a great time. We will definitely do another one soon....maybe for back to school - great suggestion Maggie! Meanwhile, my space at Textures is slam packed with new stuff! My favorites right now are all the new 4th of July outfits and dresses. The plain peasants look almost too simple on the hangers, but when worn are absolutely adorable. Why take away from her beauty with too much fuss and too many ruffles? And I am a fan of ruffles! But when I put one on Abbigail yesterday I was amazed :-) They would be cool swimsuit coverups for summer vacation. Will work on something for the boys this week. Stop by and take a look!
Thinking about putting together vacation sets...a selection of coordinating outfits that take the hassle out of packing for you little one this summer. Any thoughts? I want to do a long weekend set, one week and two week sets.
Have a great week! michelle

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